The Transparency Engine

Revealing the dark corners of the internet with crowd-sourced intelligence

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Join the Fight against

Join the fight against

Digital Assets

Identify the digital asset holdings and transactions of businesses, traders, and individuals.

Social and Traditional Web

Connect organizations to their past and current projects, social accounts, and web pages

Security and Privacy

Assessing risk across digital assets, social behavior, code, and more.

Access the API

Leverage open threat intelligence to secure your interactions across web3 and beyond


Explore Syd intelligence data in our operations center dashboard. Check suspicious wallets, contracts, and URLs before you interact to avoid bad actors and common scams.

AI Agents

Integrate the Syd Intelligence API via RAG to prevent AI agents from interacting with malicious destinations across web3, and make better decisions on behalf of their owners.


Build threat intelligence signals into your wallet or dApp to natively protect your users from known or unknown malicious actors operating within your ecosystem.